Our critical thinking approach goes well beyond the isolated tactics involved in meeting our clients' immediate objectives and allows us to partner with them in developing customized and highly targeted strategies that lay a foundation for long-term success.

We partner with our clients so they can focus on what they do best, while we address all of their needs in regards to these crucial tasks.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Having a precise and effective talent acquisition strategy within your organization will save you time, money and energy. We review every aspect of your current strategy and work with you to implement the procedures necessary to attract and retain elite talent. We will assist you in putting in place an effective recruiting model and sourcing strategy that includes direct sourcing, internal progression, advertising, internal referral programs, social networking and university partnerships.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is the simple idea of “putting the right people, in the right place, at the right time.” Although the idea may seem simple, implementation is anything but. We help you to assess your current talent, map out your strategic direction, evaluate future needs and growth, identify any voids and put in place the strategy to address those voids.

Employment Branding

Your organization is already branded on the open market, regardless of whether or not you worked to develop it. How you are positioned and viewed in the marketplace is vital in both attracting and retaining talent. We assess your current strategy, provide you with the necessary market intelligence to adjust these strategies and equip you with the tactics required to reposition your organization in a way that will attract elite talent.

Job Evaluataion & Design

Your employees require clarity in regard to their current roles, including what is required of them and a detailed plan for their future. We work with you to determine the “level” of each position within the organizational structure and ensure that roles with the same level of responsibilities are graded on an even scale. We also develop and revise job descriptions and help you to establish an effective succession plan for your organization.

Upgrading Talent

Even in a down economy or during a company-imposed hiring freeze, there is always an opportunity to upgrade your talent. You must continuously be aware of areas in which your organization can improve. You may not be able to add headcount, but you can replace a mediocre component with elite talent, especially when it is at the same cost. The best talent in this industry is always employed and occasionally works for your competition. We work with you to create a targeted list of the best talent in the industry, and piece together a strategy to attract them to your organization.

Reference Checks

Past performance is an excellent predictor of future performance. The best way to verify an applicant’s background, as well as his or her accomplishments, is to conduct a thorough reference check. Our process provides an in-depth look into a candidate’s competencies, performance, patterns, attributes and interpersonal skills in order to alleviate or confirm any concerns you may have.

Compensation Structure

Creating an effective compensation structure is absolutely vital in attracting, retaining and motivating employees. We provide you with a thorough understanding of your options and help you determine which of those options align best with your objectives. Once you decide on a structure, we will assist you in developing and implementing salary ranges that will place you in a competitive position within the marketplace.

Candidate Intelligence

The interview process takes up valuable time and resources. When you are presented with great candidates, that time and those resources are well spent. You should not be forced to expend them based on a resume alone. Our vast network, industry relationships and vetting process allow us to quickly determine whether an interested candidate is truly a viable option for your organization prior to involving you. This service enables you to eliminate potential hiring mistakes and reduce unwanted turnover by providing you with the intelligence necessary to decide whether or not you should proceed with a candidate.